The Schematic Design Phase

In the schematic design phase we will begin by analyzing the building and architectural programming to determine which direction the design will take.  Through a group effort, involving the architect and owner, we will discuss the basic strategies for design and determine the most economical systems to employ, which meet the owners requirements and his budget.

The use of current square foot cost estimating sources will be used to determine the capacity as well as the types of systems to be integrated within.   These sources would be from national standards such as Mean’s Cost Estimating Data as well as from local cost data-base.

An outline specification, describing many of the materials to be employed, will be developed and presented for approval.   Further analysis may reveal additional savings.

The Design Phase

All internal systems will be evaluated and value engineered if required to keep within budget.   Items not yet selected such as lighting fixtures, automatic temperature control systems will be given a budget number from which items are selected.   Mechanical, plumbing and HVAC systems will be selected based on budget figures, and the most applicable systems for the building.

A second review of the construction documents, and preparation of an updated budget and milestone schedule will be provided at 60% completion.  This review will determine where any design changes, mechanical system changes, or electrical changes may be required to maintain the project within budget.

A final review of the construction documents, preparation of the final budget and a final milestone schedule will be provided at 95% completion for preparing the official bid documents.

The Construction Contract Administration Phase

During construction we will monitor construction and requested change notices to assure project stays on schedule and within budget.  We will provide on-site inspections of the mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems to ensure quality and the installation is per the project documents (drawings and specifications).